Where in the World is Tabarrini?

As the song goes, summertime and the living is easy. Not quite. Here in the cellar, the summer is our busiest time of year. There are about 5.000 annual visitors who drive by our Sagrantino vines, pass through our ever-changing halls, and drink our traditional wines at the cellar. And a good deal of those 5.000 visitors come now.

In entering the world of WordPress we would like to start off a few traditions, that like our wine, we hope you’ll enjoy. Today is Wednesday, let’s call it #WineWednesday. From now on, expect to see a post from Tabarrini on every Wednesday.

For this first occasion, we have a question for you: where in the world is Tabarrini? As you may or may not know, Daniele is currently in South Africa doing a wine tour. That’s awfully far from Montefalco. Do you know how many countries Tabarrini wines can be found in?

Finding Tabarrini…Trovare Tabarrini…

Leave a reply if you know how many countries you can find our wines in!

ANSWER: Over 29 countries


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