Tabarrini Travels: South Africa 2015 Part 1

For the past 10 days Daniele has been in South Africa doing a Tabarrini wine tour with our importers, Marius and Anneke. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, the Tabarrini wines have been making their way onto unexpected tables.

In the latest Tabarrini Newsletter, we mentioned the restaurant, La Scala Mastrantonio, as part of our Top 5 for the season. Of course, we knew that our Sagrantino could be paired well at an Italian restaurant such as that. What was the real question was seeing how it would do with typical South African food. We weren’t disappointed. We were thrilled. Here you can see Daniele is approaching Tribes, a restaurant in Pretoria, ZA featuring African cuisine.

Tabarrini Sagrantino in South Africa.

Daniele will soon finish the tour and is expected back at the cellar in Umbria on Wednesday. He’ll bring with him more stories for us to share, but until then – a huge thank you to Anneke and Marius. It seems he has been incredibly well-hosted. It is a lucky business to be in when business trips such as this chapter of Tabarrini Travels are so enjoyable.

Marius and Marius during a Tabarrini event in Pretoria, South Africa.

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