The vines they are a changin’

There’s a lot going on at the winery these days – the entrance, the cellar, the vines. Rest assured, the same Tabarrini wine you fell in love with is still here. It’s only getting better with age.

The patio also has two covered side-sections.

For years we’ve had customers enter the winery through a side entrance that led them towards the backside of the cantina. Last year we built the front patio that allows you to look out onto the valley. It was quite the feat.

IMG_6022 copy
With time the front entrance will also have a gate.

The side entrance was still there, but you didn’t quite get the “aha” moment from seeing the patio. So Giampaolo set out on a new project – the entrance. Made from the same stones as the patio, the new entrance gives you “aha” and a lot more.

Taken at the beginning of the project.

Like I said, our wines only get better with age. We know it may take Herculean strength not to open the Adarmando, you just want to have it with some tomatoes (we do, too). Despite needing 30 years to show themselves well, the Sagrantini are opened long before their day. Stop feeling guilty – we’ve solved the problem for you. The cellar expansion will do many things for the winery: separated zones, more open space, and private cellars. We’ll store wine for some our best customers so that in time you will truly see the change in the wines.

These grapes come from the vineyard in front of the cellar.

But like time, the vines they are a changin’ and it will soon be time to harvest. The winery is placed in a unique climatic position due to the Continental and Mediterrean conditions we receive. For this reason we are able to harvest our grapes much later than other wineries. Starting with Sangiovese and Barbera in the early days of October, then the Trebbiano Spoletino, and finally the Sagrantino. The Colle alle Macchie is the last vineyard picked and that borders closer to November.

This particular row has the same number as the vintage for its winemaker.

So we’re happy to see the grapes maturing as they are, but it will still be awhile until we can bottle the 2015 vintage for you. As it is, hang tight for a post soon to tell you more about Daniele’s travels in South Africa!


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