Tabarrini Travels: South Africa 2015 Part 2

The history of South Africa can be traced in bottles of wine. As early as the 17th century with the first onset of Dutch colonization, wine was produced for its medicinal (as well as delicious) traits. Later in the 19th century it flowed into the British market while under their rule. For several decades the wine industry seemed to have been put on pause, then in the 1980s it underwent a renaissance. South African wine developed its own personality, its own identity.

As our first trip to South Africa we weren’t sure what to expect. How would our wines be accepted in a country whose vines have deep roots? Would it pair well with traditional food? What even was traditional food?

Daniele giving a wine tasting.

Well, the food was good. Daniele is still raving about how good all the food was, especially the meat. And like we always say, Sagrantino was made to be enjoyed while eating meat during winter. Thanks to South Africa’s location in the southern hemisphere, it was even winter time.

As for South African wine, it stood up to its reputation. Daniele had the opportunity to meet with several local winemakers and was really impressed by their products. Even our importer, Nobile Collezione, makes his own powerful wine.

A huge thanks to Marius and Anneke for an incredible trip.

The country itself, Sud Africa, Daniele was entranced by the beauty of it. When talking about the ocean coast he can only compare it to Capri, but it’s larger than Capri. It’s something more. Table Mountain was a monument that stood out against the sky, it didn’t tower over Cape Town, it stood tall and proud. South Africa is a land that is full of surprises and adventures, but she is also a land that is full of beauty.

We hope you have the opportunity to travel to South Africa and experience her beauty, too. When you do – see if you can #TrovareTabarrini on your #TabarriniTravels. Like running into an old friend on the other side of the world, it is a welcome encounter.


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