Tabarrini Productions: Adarmando Tasting

Have you been at the edge of your seats and clutching your glasses of wine in anticipation? Well, sit back and relax and enjoy the show. We are proud to release to the public the full Adarmando Tasting episode. Like we said before, this episode was made for Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, and Jose Vouillamoz – the authors of “Wine Grapes.” When watching the video you might hear references to other documents or Giampaolo talking directly to them. Please do not let this distract you from your own personal experience.

The episode begins with a short segment, the same as the trailer, that sets up the tasting. From there Giampaolo invites you to see the “family warehouse” where his personal collection of wine is stored. Between family secrets and historical anecdotes you’re given an inside look into the winery. With bottles in hand, he and Emiliano begin the vertical tasting.

The older plants produce a large amount of grapes.

Our apologies if it is at any point in time difficult to hear the video; there was construction going on and it was a windy day. However, we couldn’t pass up filming outside on the patio. I think you’ll agree the background was worth the trouble.

Should the beautiful scenery not distract you, you’ll hear Giampaolo and Emiliano give their opinions on the wines. From the general health of the different vintages to the specific tastes they’re sensitive to in a singular bottle, you’ll hear the expert opinions. If you still don’t believe that Adarmando is an ageable wine, then you only need listen to when Giampaolo exclaims, “Mamma Mia the ’04!” With a shake of the head and a look of wonderment he keeps going back for a whiff of its intoxicating aroma.

The vines are married to trees.

Of course, we shortly feature Sagrantino. As Emiliano put it, “there must be something in the DNA of Umbria to produce powerful and ageable wines.” This will be put to the test this weekend at Settimana Enologica when the different Sagrantino producers of Montefalco come together for the wine festival.

But Trebbiano Spoletino is worth a celebration, as well. Throughout the video you’ll see clips of the enormous plants that produce this unique wine. More like trees than vines, they tower over everything else around them and carry the grace and wisdom of a monument that has stood the test of time.

One of our oldest plants. This vine is 250 years old.

Tonight as you sit down in your chair with a glass of our wine, be sure to watch the episode. Experts and fans and novices alike can appreciate it for the educational experience, but also for the pleasure of watching the passion with which Giampaolo has championed the Trebbiano Spoletino.


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