Enologica36 in Review

Recently, Sagrantino has been gaining a lot of attention in the press. First, Slow Wine published an article on Sagrantino and did a tasting with various producers. Then Forbes Magazine did a story on Sagrantino saying how it should be the next addition to your cellar. Even then, Slow Wine drew attention to our “bastard of a  grape” when they shared a photo of Franca and Giuseppina laying out the Sangrainto grapes to dry in order to make Passito. Along with the photo there was the caption of:

“In ‪#‎Umbria‬, the pride of belonging is apparent in every fold of the social fabric, in relationships and, of course, in agriculture. Umbrian viticulture is no exception and its most representative wine, ‪#‎Sagrantino‬ di ‪#‎Montefalco‬, is the best illustration of this region’s sentiment.”

The Mayor of Montefalco, Donatella Tesei, cutting the ribbon at the opening ceremony.

There is no better way to describe Settimana Enologica. If you had the opportunity to go then you know what a steal it is, unlimited tasting of the finest wines of the area for what costs less than the Bocca di Rosa. Enologica is about the community. It’s about the wine, yes, but it is about the consortium, the DOC, coming together for an event as crazy as their wines. Enologica is the materialization of the social fabric that Slow Wine picked up on.

Federica and Daniele at the Tabarrini booth.

Of course, Enologica is also for wine lovers and the press. We were glad to see how much it was appreciated by rossodisara in her two-part coverage (Part 1 and Part 2). In it she noted, “Tabarrini è il produttore di Adarmando, il Trebbiano che mi ha conquistata senza fatica. (Tabarrini is the producer of Adarmando, the Trebbiano that won me effortlessly.)” Sound familiar? We tried to tell you in the last blog post about the episode, Adarmando is special and you will fall in love with it. Its history goes beyond the bottle and back to the vines of our forefathers. So again, Enologica is the way through which we share the story of Montefalchese society.

The Macchie float for the parade.

In the end, it was Enologica that united a group of friends from around Turrita into the cellar for a celebratory meal. We were proud of what we had accomplished, not just in this weekend, but in the past year. As we move forward with our projects at the winery it is important that we remember our traditions, our roots. Without a doubt, it would be impossible to have the wine we have today if it weren’t for the incredible characters who make up our story.

Friends gathered for dinner after the end of Enologica.

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