Enologica in the Press

Enologica2015. A day of celebration for the Montefalco DOC, for the community, and for the press. In our last post we shared with you our own feelings on how the fair went, but how did the press feel?

Pierluigi Potsy Monsignori produced a short video with photographs taken throughout the fair. Whether you want to see close-ups of the bottles or of the winemakers themselves, it would certainly be something to enjoy!

Of course, there were more than photos, Isabella Cerccarelli wrote a fantastic review of our wines, including Adarmando 2013. It is always good to hear a friend appreciate not only your product, but also your efforts,

“Una cantina storica nel territorio, che ha saputo legare il passato con il presente, rinnovarsi nelle linee fondamentali, senza stravorgere i rapporti con la terra.”

” A historic winery in the territory, which has been able to link the past with the present, innovate in fundamental ways, without a stressed relationship with the land”

Also, if you didn’t catch our last post, we included the links for Sara di Rossa’s take on the fair – in Part 1 and Part 2. She too, greatly enjoyed the Adarmando. Even in a room full of Sagrantino, Adarmando can still be seen above the crowd. As it is, we’re happy to see Tabarrini was so well-received by the press.


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