It’s all about the terroir

In the world of wine, the award season is made up of a few weeks where the tension is high and the bottles are empty. If it doesn’t go well, you pour yourself a glass. If it goes well, you have a few celebratory glasses. Well, we’ve been doing very well! Beyond that the award season identifies what will be the new fan favorite and it appears as if everyone is raving about the Campo alla Cerqua 2011.

We briefly mentioned in the last post that Bibenda had published an article on the Campo alla Cerqua 2010 and the attention we give to terroir. Bibenda recognized Tabarrini as one of the historical, family-producers of Sagrantino and paid homage to our ability to care for the exquisite terroir between Madonna della Stella and Montefalco. More so was our ability to,

“[work] with [the] logic of cru, to address a very specific wine that takes into account all the possible combinations between microclimate and soil (lavorando con logica da cru, attraverso un indirizzo vitivinicolo ben preciso che tiene conto di tutte le combinazioni possibili tra microclima e suolo.)”

Bibenda extended their approval to the new vintage of the Campo alla Cerqua, the 2011. We just received news that they rewarded our single-vineyard Sagrantino 5 Grapppoli, the highest level rating that the acclaimed wine magazine awards.

The news doesn’t stop there, the beautiful terroir of the Campo alla Cerqua were also appreciated by Vitae who awarded 4 Viti. This is the maximum recognition possible in the 2nd Edition of Guida ai Vini d’Italia VITAE edita dall’Associazione Italiana Sommelier. Receiving 4 Viti by Vitae would be reason enough for the bottles and the cellars to be empty in celebration; the opening act of the award season is going exceptionally well! While we must credit to the combined genius of Giampaolo, Emiliano, and Stefano – we must also credit the land, for she is the one that grants us the privilege of her fruit. In the end, it’s all about the terroir.


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