Testing Fate

Giampaolo is, if anything, a risk taker. This past week the construction of the cellar was completed. Of course, we still have the finishing touches to get to, but the building itself is there. The important thing is that we now have a place to store the grapes; we must have wine!

Inside the cellar.

That being said, we have yet to pick the grapes; Giampaolo has a tradition of always being the last one to start the harvest. While other wineries have completed or are nearing the completion of their own, save for the Sagrantino, we have yet to begin picking the Trebbiano Spoletino. Maybe some might think this too big of a risk and back away from such a challenge, but Giampaolo lives off of it.

It would seem that fate is on our side, however. Not only is this vintage on track to be spectacular – given the heat and proper amount of rain – but we were given what could only be considered a sign from God. The other day we were graced with the rare sight of a full rainbow, if you look closely you’ll see it was a double rainbow, over the Colle Grimaldesco vineyard. Perhaps Giampaolo is testing fate, but it would seem that she approves.


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