Viva Vendemmia

Surely we were the last winery to commence the vendemmia, but on Monday the first truck of the 2015 harvest unloaded crates full of Sangiovese grapes. Don’t let the tractor confuse you; we only harvest our grapes by hand and are sure to give them as much care and attention as possible. By the looks of it, our Green Staff will have their hands full with what is sure to be a fantastic vintage. These Sangiovese grapes will go towards the Montefalco Rosso and in a few weeks we’ll begin harvesting our Sagrantino.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.31.17 PM
Crates waiting to be filled with Sangiovese grapes.

Vendemmia wasn’t the only big news this week. We were also honored by Gambero Rosso at the Tre Forchette 2016 Dinner on Monday night! The 2011 Campo alla Cerqua was included on what could only be considered a prestigious wine list and was accompanied by an outstanding meal. The awarded chefs for the event came from mostly Michelin star restaurants and graced us with their talents at the Sheraton in Rome.

The Campo alla Cerqua 2011 being served at the Tre Forchette 2016 Dinner by Gambero Rosso.

As we enter this vendemmia we do so with pride, humility, and a great deal to look forward to. Viva Vendemmia e viva la cantina!


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