Put a pin on it

If you are reading this message, then it’s already too late. You are a part of the social media fleet.

This isn’t a dystopian novel, though. Tabarrini is not only keeping with the times, but moving ahead of them as we try to share our stories with you. In an ideal world it would be possible for you to be transported immediately to the winery and enjoy a slice of Nello’s pecorino cheese, a glass of Sagrantino, and some bread with the new olive oil. As it is, we’ll have to make do with transporting you through your computer screen.

Since you’re reading this post, we’ll assume you are already familiar with Word Press. Here we’re sharing short stories and updates with you, as well as using it as an archive for our seasonal newsletters.

On Pinterest you’ll find a varied and addictive collection of pins. From recipes to pair with your wine or to go with the season – to photos of our bottles around the world. Want to see more photos of the harvest? Chances are we’ve put them on Pinterest. So next time you’re homesick for Montefalco and the madness of the winery, take a look at Pinterest and see if something catches your eye! An inspiration for a Thanksgiving meal, a gift for a friend’s birthday, or maybe you won’t be able to handle the homesickness and book your ticket from Denmark on that very day. No matter what it is, at least you can put a pin on it.


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