Anchovy and Adarmando?

Giampaolo recently made a large order for anchovies from the Cantabric Sea. It was somewhat of a big deal on the day they arrived because as he cracked open the canister and we all peered in – we saw what must be some of the largest anchovies of all time. Layered and bathed in salt, Federica and Giampaolo gently cleaned, sliced, and served them with a bit of onion and the newly pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This was already a gastronomic experience; these were special anchovies. Then, we pushed it a step further. Butter from Normandy was brought out and spread on pieces of toast. A sweet and smooth contrast to the salty bite of the fish. You could say that we were feeling a little indulgent.

The only thing that could make this even better would be if we had a good glass of wine. Opening a new, and by new we mean just bottled, 2014 Adarmando we enjoyed our “new” treats. The Adarmando needs more time in the bottle, but it was well matched with the anchovies and we look forward to trying it again.

The final product.

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