Inside the Montefalco Rosso

Montefalco is unique for a variety of reasons, not least among them that it is full of talented winemakers. Recently we came upon an article by Roberto Giuliani about how he went seeking for the right Montefalco Rosso and found our own take on the traditional classic.

To get to the point, a Montefalco Rosso is a blend of red grapes – the two most important being Sangiovese and Sagrantino. Winemakers are permitted to use other grapes as well, which is why you’ll find Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon in some. Tabarrini only uses indigenous varietals and you could say it is the highest quality bottle of its kind you’ll find as it is more like a riserva. So what makes it so special?

The fusion of traditional grapes, Sangiovese and Sagrantino – along with the precious input of Barbera, ensure a Montefalco classic. Not only that, but it is aged for 18 months in big cask and French oak barrique then 12 months in bottle. Still not convinced?

According to Giuliani it was, “Without a doubt the best of the 2013 that were tasted and one of the few that hides well the limitations of the vintage. It has a deep ruby color and deep, dense nose of blackberry, eucalyptus, balsamic; mouth just as dense, rich in fruit, very enveloping, good freshness and risolved tannins, also a long finish.”

He also had the opportunity to taste the Campo alla Cerqua and found it to be a “remarkable product” that displayed tones of “rose and violet, beautiful fresh fruit, plum and black cherry, thyme, pepper and even licorice.” Do you feel the same way about these two wines? Let us know!


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