Tabarrini Travels: South Carolina 2015

As you may have gathered from the title, Daniele is off on another Tabarrini Tour – this time to South Carolina. Along with our importer he has visited several restaurants where the food has been phenomenal. The other night he had a meal at Edmund’s Oast that began with “bitter lettuces, whole grain mustard, cured duck breast, and a poached egg.” It was served with a glass of 2011 Adarmando and began a progression of dishes the conveyed an artistic passion from the chef. Not least of these dishes was the dessert: a sesame olive oil cake with cameo apple and alfalfa hay ice cream served alongside the 2008 Sagrantino Passito.

Pappardelle Bolognese with Charred Red Russian Kale and served with the 2010 Colle Grimaldesco.

If you were hoping for something a little more southern, you won’t be disappointed. Daniele also stopped by the Husk Restaurant where the menu had typical plates such as the Carolina Heritage with pork belly, pan fried cabbage, NC apple, roasted fall peppers, and pan jus. Mouth watering yet? He then came upon to a shop, “goat. sheep. cow.” that specializes in cheeses as well as serving as a retailer for our wines. Never forget Daniele’s famous words, cheese-wine-cheese.

goat. sheep. cow. – Cheese Shop

The tour is moving forward and Daniele is making his way to Asheville, Tennessee. There the next wine dinner is being held at a restaurant called Cucina 24 and the 90 seats have already been sold out. It may not be Italy, but it appears as if the American food culture is a good match for the Tabarrini wines.


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