A Night of Bibenda

This past weekend we attended the BIBENDA 2016 Presentazione Nazionale, Conferenza Stampa e Premiazione (National Presentation, Press Conference, Award Ceremony, Dinner and Tasting of Wines and Spirits) in Rome. The ceremony began with the presentation of the wines that received the 5 Grappoli; we had the honor of the Campo alla Cerqua 2011 being included amongst these. Our friends Arnoldo Caprai and Francesco Antano were also there and it may be fair to say that along with Giampaolo they made the Sagrantino Power Trio.

Giampaolo Tabarrini, Arnaldo Caprai, and Francesco Antano.

As the name of the event would suggest, it was more than your average awards ceremony. To the literal fanfare of the Carabinieri brass band, a multi-course meal accompanied the superior wines. Throughout the dinner, the various winners of the Vini e Grappe 5 Grappoli, Ristoranti 5 Baci, Ristoranti dell’Anno, Aziende dell’Olio 5 Gocce, and Birrifici dell’Anno were presented on stage. Grazie mille alla Fondazione Italiana Sommelier!


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