Cappelletti at Christmas

Many cultural traditions will come forward during the holidays. Each family has their own culinary specialty and every Italian region may do something a little different. In Umbria, we make cappelletti. Homemade meat-filled past squares, that slightly resemble tortellini. 

Typically made by the women of the household all throughout December, this specialty is a part of the pranzo di Natale. To make the cappelletti you must first make the pasta dough then roll it out thin. Cut out small squares then place a small spoonful of cooked meat. Fold the square in half to form a triangle then, holding it on top of your pointer finger, wrap the wings around your finger.  

Federica and Franca started making cappelletti last week and we anticipate they will keep making them throughout the month. You can see Giampaolo in the photo trying his hand at it, as well. What can we say? It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas. 


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