Food and Wine

Maybe you’ve picked up on how special food traditions are to Italians. Really, it’s just food as whole. Like wine, food defines Italian culture and they are inseparable. The cappelletti are only one such example of this. 

Federica making pasta by hand.

Food and wine are exponentially improved when they are shared with company, with family. In Italy it is common for students and workers to come home for lunch. They don’t just wait for the end-of-day meal when everyone can recap on events. They come home and they are an active part in each others’ lives. 


Franca cooking birds over her fireplace.

Food traditions can be passed down, they can be shared with family and friends, but eventually they will change. Wine does this, too. It will change with time, but it will improve. Through trial and error the traditions that go into its making will alter. The bottle will be one that contains the wisdom of tradition and the bravery of innovation. And when you sit down at a family meal – be it for dinner after work with a Montefalco Rosso or the Colle alle Macchie on Christmas Day – you will later on associate those memories with the wine.



Unlike the roast or the cake that your grandmother once made that cannot be forever preserved in the freezer, you can buy that bottle of wine and save it for another time. You’ll remember the laughter, the fighting, the food – you’ll remember the love. And you’ll remember it was all made better by a bottle of wine from Tabarrini. 


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