Bottling Tabolio

Born from the olive tree groves of the Tabarrini property, originally intended only to meet their own needs and offer as a treat to winery visitors, Tabolio is now shared on very limited commercial basis. It is obtained from the pressing of Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoiano olives, which are three indigenous cultivars of the area, all rich in natural antioxidant properties. This is a tasty, complex and precious extra virgin olive oil and another great tradition of the Montefalco area.


Of course, you already know this. If you hadn’t read our last post about Tabolio, then you’ve at least tried this elixir. The texture is smooth and the color is a brilliant green. Looking at the photos you might notice that it is a bit cloudy. No need to be afraid; our extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered.


Between being unfiltered, the virginal quality, and the local varietals – this is one of the truest encounters you’ll have with Italian olive oil. As Giampaolo and Angelo finish the bottling, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as to when you can buy your own bottle of Tabolio.


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