Tabarrini Travels: 2016 US Tours

It’s that time of year, again. Giampaolo and Daniele will be trekking around the US for the Slow Wine and Gambero Rosso tours for the next few weeks. The main stops will be in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Not only that, but Giampaolo will be at a dinner with our friends at Via Umbria in Washington D.C.. Bill and Suzy Menard will be hosting a dinner in their Wine Room starting at 7:30 PM, tonight. The meal will feature:

Marinated Pork Filet Carpaccio with Juniper Oil and Rosemary
Deep fried Beef Meatball with salad and Balsamic
Scrambled Eggs with Truffle
Gnocchi with Sagrantino Sauce
Tagliatelle with Lamb Ragu
Beef Stew
Zabaglione with Cookies

This will surely be an incredible experience for the 10 lucky guests and the perfect start to our U.S. Tour. It will be a long few weeks filled with excellent food, wine and friends. There are worse kinds of business trips. Have you reserved your tickets?


The dates for the Slow Wine Tour are:

25 January – San Francisco, CA

27 January – Los Angeles, CA

1 February – Austin, TX

3 February – New York, NY

The dates for the Gambero Rosso Tour are:

4 February – Chicago, IL

9 February – New York, NY

11 February – San Francisco, CA



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