Tabarrini Travels: Slow Wine 2016 Part 1

The Slow Wine Tour has begun and Giampaolo is trekking across the United States. So far, he has stopped in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. Next, he’ll be making his way to Austin, Texas (Feb. 1st) and New York, New York (Feb. 3rd). It’s been a whirlwind of events from the beginning, but it’s been a successful trip!

Giampaolo with Louie Mele in San Francisco, California at Slow Wine event.

Slow Wine is a review guide put out by the organization, Slow Food, every year. They search out the small, family-owned wineries that don’t receive the same publicity as big name producers. The wines that are featured on the tour, display a dedication to tradition and quality. They are the most highly sought after products of the craft and we are honored to be included among them, again. As we continue with the US tour, we’ll be sure to bring you more updates!

Giampaolo at Slow Wine event. PC to Winewalkabout.

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