Spectator Sport

Like the taste of a bittersweet wine, the Slow Wine tour has come to an end. Giampaolo has safely returned to Montefalco after a successful run around the United States. Don’t worry, you can still see a friendly face from Tabarrini – Daniele will be on the road for Gambero Rosso for the next week. Just a reminder, the dates for Gambero Rosso are:

4 February – Chicago, IL

9 February – New York, NY

11 February – San Francisco, CA

Slow Wine in Austin, Texas

Giampaolo has been called many things since he took over the winery: passionate, driven, an artist. He’s been applauded for his risk taking and increasingly awarded by wine magazines. You may have heard the news from Wine Spectator – Macchie has received a 94-point rating. The 2011 vintage has performed outstandingly well as well. Not only did Macchie receive 94 points, but Cerqua and Grimaldesco both received 92 points.

Scores from Wine Spectator

We’re ecstatic about how much the public and the journalists have appreciated our wines. In only 20 years Giampaolo has taken the knowledge passed down to him from father to son and has improved upon it tenfold. These accolades show not only the quality of today’s wine, but the endless hours and dedication given to each and every bottle. Winemaking is not a spectator sport.


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